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  • The paintings below are currently available

  • All paintings are framed

  • Shipping prices from the studio are £10 UK, £15 mainland Europe and £20 USA

Please send any enquiries to stanmilneart@gmail.com



Acrylic on 30cm x 30cm canvas

(Approx. 44cm x 44cm over frame)

£360 - available on Etsy


'End of the line'

Acrylic on 30cm x 30cm canvas board

(Approx. 44cm x 44cm over frame)



'Missing ewe already'

Acrylic on 30cm x 25cm canvas board

(Approx. 44cm x 39cm over frame)




Acrylic on 45cm x 35cm canvas

(Approx. 60cm x 50cm over frame)



'Viva Las Vegas'

Acrylic on 40cm x 40cm canvas

(Approx. 54cm x 54cm over frame)



'Mask test dummies'

Acrylic on 20cm x 20cm canvas board

(Approx. 34cm x 34cm over frame)

£160 - please order on Etsy


'We'll head 'em off at the pass'

Acrylic on 50cm x 40cm canvas

(Approx. 64cm x 54cm over frame)


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